Body Soul & Pole is now offering VIRTUAL CLASSES!

Come and take your favorite instructors classes from right inside your living room!

Here is the schedule, and here is how you sign on:

1. Download the Zoom app on your phone or device.
2. Choose from any of these classes to attend and click on the webinar link to join:

8pm Pole Choreo **Pole Needed**:

12pm Aerial Ground Conditioning:


7pm Burlesque:

8pm Flex Class:

12pm Aerial Ground Conditioning:


8pm Pole Choreo class **Pole Needed**:

8pm Twerk at 8 O’Twerk:

12pm Floorwork:


6pm Beginners Exotic Pole:

12pm Aerial Ground Conditioning:


1:15pm Flex class:

3. Then you’re in!


All classes will be free of charge and will be donation based, so please consider donating to your instructor $1-$20!

They will give you donation information in the beginning of class and all donation information can be found on our Instagram posts as well.