Pole Tips

Ellie Delancey

To see rapid progression in pole-dancing, cross-training is essential:

Flexibility – Take yoga and flexibility-based classes to improve your range of motion

Strength – Circuit-based workouts and weightlifting can improve the ease with which you can execute spins, lifts, and other moves

Movement – Ballet and dance classes can improve coordination and help you to find your own style of movement on (and off!) the pole

Tania Pimenta

Pole dancing can start with any age or body size. Pole dancing comes in all different styles. Art, sexy or athletic;  choose whatever you feel comfortable in. Not having “enough upper body strength” is never a good excuse to try it! There will ALWAYS be something new to learn! Pole dancing can be a great coping strategy for stress, anxiety and depression


Things that help me grip the pole:

1. Take a hot steamy shower before and after pole class to relax the muscles and stretch them out. It helps with gripping the pole as well.

2. Do not apply lotion the day you are going to pole.
3. And finally less (clothes) is safer so bring clothing layers!