About the Studio: Vision, Mission and Story

BodySoulandPole’s mission is to help both men and women achieve their fitness goals while empowering them with self-confidence and better body awareness through the use of pole and aerial dance techniques.


The Studio started as a vision. From the beginning, the intention was set on creating a space for people to gather and grow stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. A place where an amazingly broad variety of people; especially women could connect around a shared love or a new experience. Aerial arts and Pole fitness are more than a workout. They are a source of love and community. 

Studio owner Alexis recognizes the amazing journey BSP has set her on, and the amazing people she has met through building this space. She has become stronger in every aspect. The studio has helped many learn to love themselves, trust themselves, and believe in themselves; including herself. One of her greatest joys is seeing each individual grow. She is grateful for every success BSP brings to each student, and looks forward to what lies ahead.


The best is yet to come!