What is Pole Fitness?

Pole Fitness is a sport, it’s still widely misunderstood but behind all the misconceptions is a huge global community of strong women and pioneers in a sport that will match any Olympic discipline. We are proud to be have brought this to the community of Hoboken.


Our goal is to empower women and help them build their confidence through Pole Fitness.


Come in, have fun and laugh, get a great workout, and maybe catch me toppling over in a warm up!


Dance is a gift, no matter what form, so share with others!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a class?


Classes run an hour and a half. We begin with a dynamic warm up and conditioning, followed by pole work and dance.  We always end class by putting it all together as we cheer each other on! So leave your troubles at the door and prepare to have a great time while you reshape your entire body.


What should I wear to class?

  1. Wear comfy clothes like you are attending a yoga or Pilates class. Preferably shorts.
  2. Don’t wear any lotions on your hands or body.
  3. Don’t wear any jewelry on your hands, wrists or ankles. Jewelry can scratch the poles or tear the delicate fabric of the silks.
  4. We work out in bare feet.


How long are your sessions and how long is each class?

We strongly believe that 8 week sessions are right length of time for you to correctly and safely advance on to the next level.

Within each 60 minute class you will also go through a full body warm-up and workout as we condition your body and your self-confidence for pole work.  You also need the full 60 minutes of “me time” to unwind and let go of your stress!


How big are your classes?

We limit ALL our classes to 13 students.  You will not be trying to keep up with an instructor you’ve never met and who doesn’t know your name.  You will be watched like a hawk to ensure your own safety and proper technique.


Do you offer Co-Ed classes?

For the most part we are a studio for women.  Men are welcome to request group or individual private lessons.


Do you offer day care?

No, The BSP are a haven for our students away from the distractions of life. We love our children, but it’s hard to let go and feel sexy and strong if your child is crying in the next room!


What is the atmosphere like at BSP?

There is no negativity…ever. We expect everyone sign a contract agreeing to never say anything negative to or about yourself or your class sisters.  Instead, make an effort to support them as you want them to support you.  No sharing other women’s experiences outside of class.   We build relationships as well as healthy, strong bodies.


I’ve never done this before and I’m kind of shy. Will I fit into a level one class?

Of course you will! All the women in a level one class are brand new to this type of movement. You are all in the same super-sexy ready to rock “boat”! Nothing is expected of you and our instructors are trained to create a non-judgemental, relaxed, supportive atmosphere in class. It may be hard to step out of that box…but I promise you it will be the most rewarding step you have ever taken. Do it for yourself!


I’m not all that thin and I have no upper body strength. Do I have to be in great shape to take classes?

No! BSP is appropriate for women of all ages (over 18), shapes and sizes! We believe all shapes are “good shapes” It’s about the journey of fitness and self-ignition. All moves can be made modified to challenge you or make it a little easier. We insist on loving our curves from day one and keep on loving them as your body and your spirit begins it’s inevitable transformation.