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First, let’s get you registered and take care of some minor formalities. This way when you walk into the gym or the studio, you are already ready to go and can start attending classes immediately. Sound good? Click below for the Registration Form.

Registration Form

Your safety is our priority. At Thrive and Body Soul and Pole we want to ensure and educate you about fitness, its benefits and its risks as well. Therefore, go ahead, read over the waiver and bring it with you before you start the classes. Click below for the Waiver Form.

Waiver Form

Now that we have the Registration Form and the Waiver out of the way, we want to congratulate you on taking the first steps on your Fitness Journey with Us. We are here to empower you on your journey! Enjoy your Welcome Packet Below.

Welcome Packet

What Are Our Policies?

  • Online Registration Required

    All students must register for class online PRIOR to attending to guarantee their spot in class.

    If you attend without prior registration, you may not be accepted to attend class if class is full.

  • Late Policy



    Please do not disrupt the current class in session if you are more than 10 minutes late to class – you will not be admitted and your class credit will be forfeited or a late cancel/no show fee charged.

  • Cancellation Policy

    In consideration of your fellow students, respect your instructor’s time, and to optimize limited class capacity, cancellation and reservation policies are strictly enforced.

    Our cancellation window is 12 hours prior to class start time.

  • Cancellation Window

    Our cancellation window is 12 hours prior to class start time. You must cancel your class reservation online or you will be considered a “No Show”. You may cancel out of class online without penalty if you are outside of the 12 hour window. If your registration is cancelled 12 hours or less before class start time, a “LATE CANCEL” will be noted in your profile.

  • No Shows

    If you are registered for class and do not cancel online you will be considered a ‘NO SHOW.’ You will lose your credit for that class and will incur a “No Show” penalty/fee.

    This policy will be strictly enforced in consideration of other students and our limited class sizes.

  • Class Cancellations by the Studio

    If within two hours of a scheduled class there are two students or less signed up, BS&P reserves the right to cancel the class. Students will not be charged for a class that they are signed up for if BS&P should need to cancel due to low sign ups, instructor emergency, or inclement weather. The studio does on occasion, need to cancel classes for various reasons such as instructor absence/sickness or last minute emergencies.

    We will do our best to cancel any class at least 3 hours ahead of class start time. The ONLY way you will be notified is by email or text. If we cancel a class less than 3 hours from class start time, we will also do our best to text/call if your phone number is in your profile.

  • Class Waiting Lists

    When classes are full, you can sign up to be on the waitlist. 

    Frequently, people will sign out early from classes, making room for those on the waitlist. 

    If/when a spot opens up, you will automatically be placed in the class. If you cannot make it, you must cancel the class and late cancel fees may still apply. So, if you are on a waitlist and cannot make class if were to be added, please remove yourself from the waitlist.

    If you are not sure you will be able to make it with a short notice, please remove yourself from the waitlist.

    Remember – If you are added into class, you will be held to the same cancellation policy as any other class. Please manage your waitlists the same as you would your class reservations.

  • Refunds & Transfers

    Class packages and memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

    All sales are final. 

    Expiration dates will be enforced.

  • Pictures & Filming

    Taking pictures and filming, is not allowed in our classes until the instructor authorizes “camera time” in class, which is at the end of class. We encourage you to take video/pictures to see your progress. Please respect other students’ privacy.

    If you want to take pictures or film yourself, you are welcome to do so during the following times:

    Private parties, private lessons/classes, private space rental open studio time, and between classes (please be sure no other students are in the background of your pics/videos without their permission).

  • Age Requirements

    You must be 18* and over to attend our classes.

    Email our studio for more info.

  • Alcoholic Beverages

    No alcohol is allowed to be consumed before any physical activities at the studio.

    If you are intoxicated when arriving to our studio, you will not be allowed to participate in class and will lose your class credit.

  • Food & Beverages

    Food & beverages with the exception of bottled water, are not allowed on premises.

  • Studio Conduct
    • Participation in phone conversations, texting, and social media will not be allowed during class. 
    • Please step into the lobby or hall for phone calls or any other phone usage.
    • Street shoes must be removed and placed in cubbies when in studio.
    • Pets are not allowed on the premises.
    • Children are not allowed in the studio for liability reasons.
    • Observation of a class is not allowed without prior management approval. 
    • We will not tolerate disrespect of other students and their personal space  – such behavior will result of removal from the studio.